Texas OHV Stickers

  • All offroad vehicles must display a current Texas Parks and Wildlife OHV sticker while in the park.
  • The sticker is required by state law and enforced by game wardens.
  • Stickers are available from a number of sources throughout the state at a cost of $16 each.
  • More information regarding the Texas Parks and Wildlife OHV Sticker Program is available from the state OHV site.

Safety Rules & Regulations
  • All adults must sign a waiver and rules sheet.
  • All minors must have a waiver signed by their parent or legal guardian and must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Helmets (DOT Approved) are required at all times when riding ATVs or motorcycles.
  • No double riding allowed on ATVs or motorcycles unless designated by the manufacturer.
  • Factory hardtop or roll cage or roll bar and seat belts are required for all occupants in OHVs / 4x4 or trail buggies.
  • No public consumption of alcohol - Alcohol is expressly forbidden on all trails.
  • No glass containers allowed within the park.
  • 15 MPH Speed Limit on all roads.
  • No trail riding after 10:00 PM.
  • Observe all trail signs.
  • No winching to trees without a tree saver or strap.
  • No winching to power poles, fences, or pipelines.
  • Stay on existing marked trails - NO TRAIL BLAZING.
  • Larger vehicles yield to smaller vehicles at all times.
  • All trash must be picked up and carried out with you.
  • Illegal, abusive or destructive activities should be reported to property management.
  • Property management is instructed to contact the local authorities if need be.
  • Members and guests are encouraged to help enforce the rules in order to preserve the trails and park and have a cleaner, safer place for everyone.
  • Excessive noise or excessive vehicle noise will not be tolerated.

Checking In/Out
  • Every person that enters the property must sign in and out.
  • Give your membership number or purchase a day use membership to enter the property.
  • Check in by paying the gate fees and signing the waivers.
Minors Policy at EDRA

Minors (those under the age of 18) are not allowed on any TMTC premises (including EDRA) without adult supervision. The minor's legal parent/guardian must sign a waiver on-site for a minor to attend, watch, ride, or participate.

If a child is attending, watching, riding or participating with a responsible adult other than their legal parent/guardian, they must have on file (1) a copy of the TMTC waiver signed by their legal parent/guardian (if not signed on premises it must be notarized), and (2) a Notarized Letter stating that the minor has the right to be on the premises and participate in motorized recreation with the adult who is responsible for them.

In addition, TMTC strongly suggests that any responsible adult in charge of any minor carry with them either a notarized Temporary Guardianship or Medical Release Form for each minor in their care should an emergency should arise.

Download the TMTC Minor Waiver.

  • As posted, trespassers and vandals will be prosecuted.
  • If member brings any person who is not an annual member, rights as annual member will be forfeited and no refund of funds will be given.
Prosecution & Violation Of Property Rules
  • First offense - member will receive a reminder letter of our rules.
  • Second offense - member will receive a six month suspension of membership privileges or property use privileges if a day use member.
  • Third offense - member will be banned from TMTC properties and no refund will be issued.

Day Use Fees
  First Day Additional Days
Operator age 16 - 64 $25.00 $25.00
Operator age 7-15 $15.00 $5.00
Passenger age 16 - 64 $20.00 $15.00
Passenger age 7-15 $5.00 $5.00

* Anyone age 6 and under or 65 and over is free.
* Day Use is only available on scheduled trail maintenance weekends.
* The park is still under construction and help is greatly needed and much appreciated. If a person donates 5 hours of work time per day, they can ride or wheel the remainder of the day for free. A person may donate 8 work hours on one day and ride or wheel the next day free, (must be the following day). Work must be coordinated and approved by a trail boss or EDRA development board member.
* A TMTC membership is required. TMTC Family Membership ($60 first year, $50 renewal) covers all dependents legally claimed on your Federal Income Tax return. Other membership incentives may apply. Please contact TMTC to learn more.
* Gate fees for evening use after 5pm are waived for TMTC members. If a TMTC member arrives after 5pm and plans on camping overnight, that member will only be responsible for camping fees for that night, not day use fees for that day. For example, a TMTC member arrives at 5:15pm on Friday and plans on camping at the park for the weekend. That member will not have to pay park use fees for Friday, only camping and park use fees for Saturday and Sunday.
* Sorry, checks are not accepted.